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Role: Director, Finance

The Director, Finance manages the operational finances of the chapter. They coordinate the budget and operational issues with other board members, as well as administrative services. They assure that chapter operations are in compliance with ATD's Chapter Affiliation Requirements (CARE) and non-profit filing for 501(c) status.

Main role responsibilities


  • Creates an annual operating budget and makes it accessible to members

Conducts Audits

  • Audits income/expenses and cash-flow on a monthly basis to ensure chapter's sound financial status
  • Reports the results of financial audits to the board in a timely manner


  • Ensures compliance with CARE
  • Ensures chapter is in compliance with state and federal reporting requirements
  • Oversees operations and finance for the chapter
  • Reconciles chapter bank accounts on a regular basis
  • Oversees the accuracy of record-keeping and reporting
  • Issues payment for invoices in a timely manner
  • Maintains chapter tax-exempt non-profit status
  • Ensures that the chapter maintains adequate insurance coverage
  • Reports all income and expenses to the board on a regular basis
  • Reports on financial status of chapter each January at membership meeting and each month at board meetings

Responsibilities as Board Member

  • 2 year role
  • As a leader in the Chapter, attend 2/3 of Chapter events
  • Attend at least 8 of 10 board meetings annually -- most board meetings are virtual
  • Recruit and train replacement
  • Required: Member of both national ATD and local chapter

Key Collaborators

You'll work closely with Directors, Professional Development and Community Relations because of the higher volume of cashflow related to their roles.

What Your Year Looks Like

This role has a relatively constant time commitment throughout the year with workflow related to monthly meetings. There will be additional work around year-end and tax filing season.


  • Strong written communication skills
  • Demonstrated experience in budget design, fiscal responsibility and accounting practices
  • Good understanding of operations and finance
  • Ability to work with administrative services

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