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Role: Engagement Ambassador

Becoming an ATD VOS Engagement Ambassador is a great opportunity to connect with others, learn best practices and build your professional skills. Here's a sample of the many perks:

  •  Free chapter workshops (Premium workshops may not apply)
  •  Obtain training and experience in Talent Development
  •  Gain professional development opportunities in the Talent Development field
  •  Enhance public speaking and cross-cultural communication skills
  •  Get your own ambassador swag items and badge!

An Ambassador is a volunteer representative of ATD VOS that communicates the mission and vision of ATD VOS to its constituents (members, potential members, customers, partners, and organizations, etc.) within our local community. The Ambassador’s primary role is to serve as a face, resource, and connection to the ATDVOS constituents. The Ambassador will focus on new members initially and then work on the broader organization for ATD VOS.

Profile of Engagement Ambassador

  • Good Listener
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Likes people
  • Good Communicator and networker (socializer)
  • Positive disposition (not a “Negative Nate” or “Debbie Downer”)
  • Intrinsically willingness to help
  • Good self-awareness
  • Available for workshops
  • Learning Agility
  • Passion for ATD and the Industry
  • Reliable and Committed

Role and Responsibilities of Engagement Ambassador

  • Participate in workshops, events, and make connections to our members and constituents: this is an opportunity to get input and feedback from ATD VOS membership and other constituents directly
  • Connect and make new members feel welcomed
  • Genuinely connect with every person during the event or activity
  • Develops relationships over time and identify “regular attenders”, first timers, etc.
  • Promotes ATD VOS and networking
  • The Ambassador is committed to promoting and modeling the values of the ATDVOS. The Ambassador is
  • Committed to building bridges with constituents and community.
  • Pursues partnerships with other Ambassadors
  • Serves, Helps and Assist for pre/post activity of events (mainly connecting with the people)

Apply by completing a Leadership application online at

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